Which one are you... Boxers or Briefs?

by Mike Quartly

What kind of underwear should a man wear? Traditionally, men wore the same type of underwear their fathers wore, and as a habit, they suit up the same model of underwear throughout their entire lives. Today, fashion has become an increasingly important factor in men's lives, and purchasing the right underwear is a decision that might require some more thought.

There are three basic types of underwear men can choose from: briefs, roomy boxer shorts and tight boxer shorts. According to The Ultimate Underwear survey, 57% of men prefer briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% prefer roomy boxers. This survey clearly indicates that a large majority of men don't follow fashion trends and prefer to stick to what they know.

Here are some of the major pros and cons of each of these three types of underwear. They will hopefully help you select the right pair for your needs.



Style wise, briefs are probably the least appealing type of undergarment to wear. Fruit of the Loom briefs were probably viewed as stylish by trendsetters in the 1960's, but in today's fashion world, they are seen as very plain and unfashionable. There might some, however, whoconsider tight leopard briefs to be the hottest thing around!

It is kind of ridiculous to judge how fashionable underwear is, especially since only a minority of people actually see this article of clothing. These days though, a man will spend time on such detail, especially when he has an important date or when he knows that an extracurricular activity is going to take place.

Briefs are old-fashioned, thereby, they are practical and more comfortable than loose boxer shorts. Briefs offer great support. It is therefore wise to suit them up when training, or when your job requires long sitting-down periods. If someone is sitting in front of a computer all day, chances are briefs will be more comfortable, as they mold the buttocks and remain in place throughout the entire day. The same goes for someone who practices various sports; the idea of our friend willy flying left and right isn't really appealing.

On the other hand, many of us complain that briefs are too tight and that they do not allow for proper blood circulation. Since everybody is shaped differently, the elastic bands on briefs might be too tight on the thighs or on the waist for some, therefore diminishing the briefs' comfort level.

For those who wouldn't change their briefs for a pair of fashionable tight boxers, it is worth paying slightly more for designer briefs. Brands such as CK offer a great assortment of trendy and comfortable briefs.


loose boxers

Loose boxer shorts are also considered pass , although they have improved over the years. As previously mentioned, most high-end brands have a line of loose boxer shorts that are visually appealing. They are usually black, white or gray with the brand name written around the waistband.

As for comfort, they are probably the most relaxed type of undergarment to wear while sleeping. They offer poor support and are therefore not recommended for training, or for those who remain seated entire days. When sitting down, loose boxer shorts will wrinkle along the thighs, and most of the time will result in a bumpy feeling under your pants.

Let's not forget that wearing loose boxer shorts often results in a wedgie sensation, simply because the loose fabric ends up where it is not supposed to.


tight boxers

Contrary to The Ultimate Underwear survey, we would recommend tight boxer shorts to any man looking for style and comfort. All of today's top designers carry a full assortment of tight boxer shorts. Many will say that they are intended for the use of younger men, but the tight boxer is becoming the underwear of choice for all generations.

Tight boxers offer great support for training and for those who sit down all day. They remain in place, fit nicely around one's thighs and mold the body perfectly. It is important to try a few brands, because some will fit better around the waist, while others around the thighs.

Hopefully these simple tips will help you select underwear that is more stylish, more comfortable and most importantly, suited to your needs. Simply buy a pair of each, try them out on different days during different activities, and then choose the best one.

Mike Quartly
Mike Quartly


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